Ken O'Driscoll

Author, IT Leader, and email wrangler in Dublin, Ireland


Technology professional living in Dublin, Ireland.


I wrote Email Deliverability Explained back in 2017. There weren't any books about email deliverability back then, so I wrote the first one to stop having to repeat myself. The book was really well received and that lead to the second edition being published in 2023.

The book has its own website and blog.


I am currently Head of Deliverability for Upland Software, where I lead a fantastic team of consultants covering products (ESPs) such as PostUp, Adestra, and Second Street.

Before that I owned We Monitor Email, a deliverability and DMARC consultancy practice.

Back in 2005 I co-founded Ireland's first domain registrar for the (then new) .EU ccTLD.

I have a mixed commercial and technical background, which includes 8 years as a CTO. See LinkedIn for my full professional history.

Where to find me

My socials are linked below, currently most active on Mastodon. You can also reach out directly using the mail icon. Reaching out directly is preferable.

Slack: I am active on Email Geeks slack. You'll find me hanging out on #deliverability with all of the other usual suspects.

Mailing lists: Lurk and occasionally reply on Mailop. On a whole host of email authentication related IETF lists but don't have the time to engage.